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HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP

Printer Cartridges
HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP

Device Configuration

Product Information

Product Name: HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP
Formatter Number: NN60MG5
Product Serial Number: CNFTC3S0MW
Service ID: 21133
Firmware Datecode: 20100512
Telecom Version: 05-081-002
ADF Installed: Yes
Max Monochrome Print Quality: 600x8
Max Color Print Quality: ImageREt 3600
Controller Number: 27
Device Description: HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP
Asset Number:
Company Name: FSB
Contact Person: Martin Surjak
Password: Specified
Hardware Address: 98:4b:e1:38:43:09
Host Name: HP-LJ-Exp
IPv4 Address:
Show IPv4 Address on Control Panel: Disabled
IPv6 Status: Disabled
Total Memory: 160 MBytes
Available Memory: 123.61 MBytes

Installed Personalities and Options

DIMM Slot 1: Empty
Memory card: Empty

Page Counts

Total Pages Printed: 62904
Color Pages Printed: 34542
Duplex Pages Printed: 10713
Pages Mispicked in Printer: 183
Pages Jammed in Printer: 16
PCL6 Pages Printed: 54404
PS Pages Printed: 47
PCL Pages Printed: 2413
Color Pages Printed from Photo: 0
Monochrome Pages Printed from Photo: 0
Memory Cards Inserted: 0
Proofsheet Pages Scanned: 0
Flatbed Pages Scanned to Copy: 1254
ADF Pages Scanned to Copy: 2191
Monochrome Pages Printed from Copy: 4132
Color Pages Printed from Copy: 442
ADF Pages Scanned to Host: 0
Flatbed Pages Scanned to Host: 2301
Pages Scanned to E-mail: 2246
ADF Pages Scanned to Fax: 0
Flatbed Pages Scanned to Fax: 0
Fax Pages Printed: 0
Fax Pages Sent from PC: 0
Fax Pages Received to PC: 0
Total ADF Pages Scanned: 3608
Total Flatbed Pages Scanned: 2108
Pages Jammed in Scanner: 23

Paper Settings

Paper Size: A4
Paper Type: Plain
Tray 1 Size: Any Size
Tray 1 Type: Any Type
Tray 2 Size: Any Size
Tray 2 Type: Any Type
Tray 3 Size: Any Size
Tray 3 Type: Any Type
Paper Out Action: Wait Forever
Manual Feed: Off
Duplex: Off
Bind: Long Edge
Plain: Normal
HP Matte 90g: Normal
HP Matte 105g: Heavy
HP Matte 120g: Extra Heavy
HP Matte 160g: Card stock
HP Matte 200g: Card stock
HP Glossy 130g: Light Glossy
HP Glossy 160g: Glossy
HP Tri Glossy 160g: Glossy
HP Glossy 220g: Heavy Glossy
Light 60-74g: Light
Mid-Weight 96-110g: Heavy
Heavy 111-130g: Extra Heavy
Extra Heavy 131-175g: Card stock
Heavy Glossy111-130g: Light Glossy
X-HvyGlossy 131-175g: Glossy
Card Glossy 176-220g: Heavy Glossy
Transparency: Transparency
Labels: Label
Letterhead: Normal
Envelope: Envelope
Heavy Envelope: Heavy Envelope
Preprinted: Normal
Prepunched: Normal
Colored: Normal
Bond: Heavy
Recycled: Normal
Rough: Heavy
Heavy Rough: Card stock
HP Tough Paper: Tough Paper

Print Settings

Auto Continue: On
Copies: 1
Courier Font: Regular
Orientation: P (Portrait)
Wide A4: No
Connection Timeout (I/O): 120 Seconds
Jam Recovery: Auto
Font Source: I (Internal)
Font Number: 23
Pitch: 10.00
Point Size: 12.00
Symbol Set: ISO L2
Form: 64 Lines
Append CR to LF: No
Print PS Errors: Off
Supply out override enabled.: No
Mono print (color out): Yes
Cartridge Low Threshold: 12
PowerSave Time:15 Minutes

Memory Card Printing Settings

Default Photo Image Size: 10 x 15 cm
Default Photo Number of Copies: 1
Default Photo Output Color: Color

Copy Settings

Default Copy Quality: Auto Select
Default Copy Light/Dark: <-----*----->
Default Copy Collation: On
Default Copy Number Of Copies: 1
Default Copy Reduce/Enlarge: Original (100%)
Default Copy Draft: Off
Default Copy Tray Select: Auto Select
Default Copy 2-Sided: 1 to 1 Sided
Default Multi-Page copy: Off

Fax Settings

Answer Mode: Automatic
Rings To Answer: 2
Distinctive Ring: All Rings
Dial Prefix: Off
Default Resolution: Fine
Default Light/Dark: <-----*----->
Fit To Page: On
Default Glass Size: A4
Dialing Mode: Tone
Redial On Busy: On
Redial On No Answer: Off
Redial On Comm Error: On
Detect Dial Tone: Off
Billing Codes: Off
Extension Phone: On
Stamp Received Faxes: Off
Private Receive: Off
Confirm Fax Number: Off
Allow Fax Reprint: On
Print Duplex: Off
Fax/Tel Ring Time: 20
Fax Speed: Fast(V.34)
ECM - Error Correction: On
Forward Fax: Off
Block Junk Faxes: Off
Phone Line Volume: Soft
Alarm Volume: Soft
Ring Volume: Soft
Key-Press Volume: Soft
Fax Confirmation: Never
Fax Error Report: Every Fax Error
Include First Page: On
Auto Log Printing: On
T.30 Trace Printing: Never

Print Density

  C M Y K  
Contrasts: 0 0 0 0  
Highlights: 0 0 0 0  
Midtones: 0 0 0 0  
Shadows: 0 0 0 0